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More and more people take more and more of D3

Raising your D3 intake above officially recommended levels may be good health strategy, but does it create imbalance?
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calcium our building block

Calcium - our building block.

It is the most abundant metal in the human bodies. Our scaffolding needs our constant care.
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Osteopenia & osteoporosis – the bone aging duo.

Did you know osteopenia starts to develop in the early stages of bone loss, typically after the age of 35?
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cardiovascular ageing

Cardiovascular ageing

Curcuma, Hawthorne, fruit polyphenols, among others helped us throughout centuries to slow down cardiovascular ageing.
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The journey starts when you are born and never stops.

Vitamin D3 and K2 supplementation is something that you will get from your mother. Strong bones and teeth, healthy immune system – these all matters to children, but in fact once you start, you never stop.
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calcium batteries

We all have  Calcium-ion batteries inside.

When you fully charge your battery during childhood, it will last much longer. Vitamin K2 helps grow strong calcium structures in children for future benefits of healthy aging.
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Aging is Calcification. Calcification is Aging.

Vitamin K2 is all about calcification. All our soft tissues calcify as we age. Learn more.
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The purest Vitamin K2 in the world

I want more collagen, now!

The world went crazy about collagen. Learn more how can you pour some vitamin K2 into this "holy grail".
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Fish is healthy

Vitamin D3 and K2 as well as Omega-3 are the most popular premium supplements sold in softgel format globally. Why have two if you can have one?
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A better way to formulate Multivitamins

Vitamin K1 ends up in all multis but also ends up in our liver. Vitamin K2 reaches many organs to their benefit.
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From common cold to diabetes?

"Inflammation" is the keyword elderly hear very often. Vitamin K2 can keep you away from chronic inflammation and chronic diseases.
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Mobility is the freedom. Freedom is mobility.

Life is good as long as you are free. Free to move. Learn more about joint health and vitamin K2.
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The only (and mostly non-absorbable) supplement for hair & nail

Silica (horsetail) is marketed as instant hair and nail healer. But in fact, it is all about the building blocks.
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The K2 market revolution is here
chasing every second

Chasing every second and minute

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional athlete or do sport for fun. For each of us, every performance improvement counts.
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Reaching out for premium consumers

Liposomal forms of vitamins D and K represent the ultimate premium satisfying most demanding consumers.
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Brain genes expression and production of sphingolipids?

A study published in the journal "Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders" found that supplementing with Vitamin D3 and K2 improved memory performance in healthy elderly individuals.
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The golden niche

Vitamin K2 carries significant knowledge value that was not tapped in the cosmetic market.
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A $16 Billion market that doubles in next 10 years.

Vitamin K1 is an important ingredient of almost every infant modified formulas. Why K2 would be a good replacement for K1.
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