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Vitamin K2 production since 2009

The only „Single peak” vitamin K2

Pharmaquinone® is the purest vitamin K2 available on the market, which does not contain the cis isomer according to the US Pharmacopoeia method and is produced by Vitasynth in its own European manufacturing site through a patented manufacturing and purification processes.
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Our brand support programme

Look for Contains Pharmaquinone label on your product. It is our European guarantee of the safety of you and your family as well as the ideal bioavailability of your vitamin K2 supplement.
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Why consume?

Why would I need K2 in the first place?
Calcium is the scaffolding of our body. It is the most abundant metal in our body and it declines as we age. Calcium metobolism is managed by two vitamins: D and K.
It doesn't matter if you are a mother of developing children, a performing athlete, premenopausal female or elderly. Your first choice of supplement shall always be: vitamin D3+K2 drops or capsules.
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Our Journey

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2021 and onwards
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Analytical support

  • Supply of pure working standards
  • Independent Sample Testing programme
  1. Send sample to one of our Independent Testing Site
  2. Label the sample "VitaSynth Independent Sample Testing programme"
  3. Take advantage of discounted price for assay and purity testing
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Product range

Your consumer product may be fortified with one of our vitamin K2 food ingredients:

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Manufacturer: VitaSynth Sp. z o.o. ul. Szałwiowa 2, 03-167 Warsaw, Poland
Dilutions site: EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o. Aleja Led 1, 55-020 Rzeplin, Poland
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